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Project JEET (Joint Effort to End TB), a project started by Stars Of Hope in 2019, with the vision to fight and eliminate the age old menace called Tuberculosis. Acting as a beacon of hope, Project JEET unites diverse groups, including NGOs, SHGs, Government Bodies, Social Organizations, and Institutions, in a collective endeavour to combat this enduring societal challenge. This project embodies collaboration, providing a common platform for stakeholders to synchronize their efforts against Tuberculosis.
The project is directly supported by State TB Cell, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Sikkim.
Since 2019, Stars Of Hope has been the official state-level NGO partner of the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) under the State TB Cell Sikkim.
Our comprehensive approach encompasses a spectrum of strategies : from raising awareness and sensitization on TB to conducting door-to-door Active Case Finding (ACF) of TB. We ensure diagnostic support for people with presumptive TB and provide medical and nutritional assistance to TB patients. Additionally, our efforts extend to addressing the associated social stigma of the disease, offering psychological and moral support to patients undergoing treatment.
Recognizing the interconnection of TB with various health issues, Project JEET collaborates extensively with the concerned departments.
Under the umbrella of Project JEET, numerous campaigns and initiatives have been launched to fulfill its mission. Some of these include Nikshay Warriors – Transforming TB Survivors into Warriors, Kick TB, Cricket for a Cause, TB Free Ward, TB Free GPU, TB Free Institute, and more.
Project JEET stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and teamwork, serving as a driving force in building a society free from the shadows of Tuberculosis. Together, through concerted and relentless efforts, the vision of a TB-free future stands within our reach. Our commitment remains resolute as we strive towards a world where Tuberculosis is no longer a threat to our communities.