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In response to the escalating rates of suicides, depression, and addiction in Sikkim, Stars Of Hope launched the Project #WeCanTalkSikkim in 2018. With a primary focus on students and youth, the project aims to provide essential support and resources for mental health challenges. A pivotal aspect of this initiative involves the establishment of a 24x7 helpline, offering assistance for individuals dealing with mental health issues, addiction problems, and thoughts of suicide.
Goals : The initiative's goals are multifaceted. First and foremost, it seeks to implement preventive measures to reduce suicidal tendencies, depression, and addiction. Additionally, the project aims to conduct various awareness programs and educational campaigns in schools, colleges, and the wider community to create understanding and erase stigmas surrounding mental health. Providing accessible support remains a key objective, ensuring a round-the-clock helpline for those seeking help. Collaboration with relevant departments, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders is also a priority to create a comprehensive and effective support system.
Project Components : At the core of the initiative is the 24x7 helpline, which serves as a crucial support system for individuals in need. The project conducts workshops, seminars, and awareness sessions in educational institutions to educate and create awareness about mental health. Leveraging digital platforms, online campaigns are executed to reach a broader audience. Additionally, close collaborations with mental health professionals, doctors, and government departments are established to ensure a well-rounded support system.